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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Knowing your emotions is the most important part of a diet

Now! finally my TED-talk is out and ready to be shared with you. I am so proud and extremely grateful, that I have this opportunity to make my mark on the world talking about what is closest to my heart in so many ways. If you feel touched or inspired, I would be very delighted and thankful if you share my talk with your community.

My message is for anyone who has ever suffered from food–addiction or other addictions as a way to cope with life, when it gets tough. It is an attempt to inspire people who battle with weight or health issues. And it is for everyone who feels unable to turn knowledge of health into healthy actions.

It is a very personal story too about a daughter (me) trying to deal with my dear mother´s depression and how that experience “sky rocketed” me into the field of nutrition, health, psychology and compassion. It took a lot of courage to choose vulnerability and a whole bunch of trust in order for me to do this my way.


Welcome to nutritionist Marie Steenberger

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Break free from emotional eating

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how can I help you?

Do you fail to eat healthy, although you know a lot about food and health? Do you eat when you feel sad, lonely or angry instead of feeling hungry? Do you long for a life with peace of mind and no concerns of weight?

Then I am here for you. I am dedicated to help you break free from food-addiction, emotional eating and binge-eating. With me, there is no reason to feel wrong. I will meet you with compassion and professionalism. I do 1:1 coaching sessions, retreats, training for health professionals, books and talks. Please take a look at my website.

I want to break free from emotional eating. I want to be an intuitive eater.

Living outside Denmark? No problem at all. I have clients all around the world. I offer audio calls, focusing on you and your particular eating pattern.

i want to stop binge eating and make peace with food

I use a special designed Binge Eating Method, when working with binge eating. The method will support you to cope with the triggers that make you binge, such as emotions, body image, self sabotage, hunger and diets.

I want to know about the work of Marie Steenberger

I have felt compelled to help people with food addictions and body image issues, ever since I studied science of human nutrition. Nutrition is simple, but people are not. You can sabotage your dreams, if you are not aware of your patterns. Please read more here.


Make nutrition mean nurturing your soul, and health would natural arrive

Marie Steenberger


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break free from emotional eating